Audi brake pads

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Specialized spare parts Audi genuine brake pads A1, A4, A5, A6, Q3, Q5 Products are imported from genuine factory to meet the quality requirements of international standards to ensure timely life span for vehicles.

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Origin: Germany
Manufacturer: Audi spare parts

Genuine import
High precision
Stable operation

More information
Best price guarantee
Commitment to the right quality and product categories
100% refund of the reservation cost if not guaranteed product quality
Audi brake pads production line
Manufactured on an improved NAO technology line using a new compound with high friction and improved quality suitable to the standard configuration of the vehicle. The quality of the brake pads has an extremely stable friction even when braking quickly at high speeds, the high burning temperature does not significantly affect the friction of the brake pads. In the case, when the car is flooded, the brakes are wet, the friction coefficient of the brake pads is still very good, ensuring extremely high safety.

The lifespan of the genuine Audi Brake Pads is due to the homogeneous structure that helps the genuine Audi Brake Pads work well even at high temperatures and recover faster, less wear on the cheeks, disc brakes and less noise Thanks to the good absorption of sound and vibrations within the frequency range that humans hear. The beveled design, groove design, and lining also help ceramic brake pads work more smoothly, providing high efficiency and economic efficiency.



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